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Getting it Just Right – Perfect Timing of Your Business Sale

Proper timing of your business sale can be the difference between getting the maximum possible price and maybe not even selling at all. It is incredibly vital to sell when both market and industry conditions are maximized so that you can get the best deal for your business. Equally as crucial to making sure that you sell your business when the market is good is making sure that you spend some time preparing for the sale.

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Signs You Should Walk Away – Spotting Red Flags When Purchasing A Business

When buying a business, you want to make sure that the sale goes as smoothly as possible, and that you minimize any post-closing issues. To make this possible, keep an eye out for potential red flags in the business that you are looking to purchase. A Colorado business transaction attorney can help spot red flags in a business you are hoping to buy.

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Defining The Parties' Actions In A Sale - Understanding Covenants and Conditions

Covenants and conditions are standard when it comes to the sale of a business. They help to define the necessary actions that the buyer and seller need to take for the transaction to go through smoothly. Covenants and conditions can also be some of the most heavily negotiated parts of the sale. With the assistance of a Colorado business transaction attorney, you can negotiate and draft covenants and conditions that are the best for your situation.

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Keeping the Seller Accountable – Everything You Need to Know About Indemnification

Indemnification in the sale of a business helps to provide assurances to the buyer that the seller can be relied on when it comes to the representations that they are making in the purchase agreement. When it comes to negotiations, indemnification can be contentious. This part of the purchase agreement must be understood and drafted with care. All parties should have Colorado attorneys that specialize in business sales represent them in such a transaction.

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How to Ensure You Get The Information You Need

Commonly, you can find representations and warranties in the purchase agreement stage of an M&A deal.  They help to both disclose information needed to get a full picture of a business’s standing while also helping to create some insurance against misrepresentation.  With your Colorado business transaction attorney, you can come up with representations and warranties in your purchase agreement that works best for your specific deal.

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How to Establish a Smooth Transition

In some instances, especially when a buyer is newly established or smaller than the seller, the buyer may not have the experience or infrastructure in place to immediately handle all aspects of the business they are purchasing.  This can especially be the case when the buyer is purchasing a part of an already established larger company with sophisticated IT or other such systems in place.  Transition service agreements provide a mechanism for a seller to offer these services to the buyer for a limited time after closing.

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Is It Possible to Bypass The Bank?

There are alternatives to using a bank to finance the purchase of a business. With seller financing, a buyer can finance the purchase of a business by bypassing the bank. In the first part of this series on seller financing, we will discuss what it is and how it works. In the next installment, we will discuss the pros and cons of seller financing for both the buyer and seller.

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Make Sure Your Deal Goes Through

When entering into an M&A deal, both sides want to be assured that the other will follow through with the transaction after the parties have agreed to the principal deal terms and due diligence confirms the assumptions underlying the major deal terms.  Due to this, some deals include termination fees or reverse termination fees in the letter of intent or purchase agreement. 

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